Macduff Ship Design is pleased to announce that following extensive development work the shipping company AQS has selected Skagen Ship Consulting and Macduff Ship Design as the main contractor and designer for a new 18.5m hybrid service vessel for aquaculture support services.

The project has seen significant initial development work by Macduff Ship Design in collaboration with Skagen Ship Consulting and AQS to ensure a bespoke vessel, with an arrangement to match the specific operating profile of AQS, alongside flexibility for future aquaculture roles. Skagen Ship Consulting will be responsible for the delivery of the design and equipment package with the vessel built in its entirety at TRX Marine in Yalova, Turkey. The design has also been developed with several innovations for a vessel of this type including a greener operating profile being a strong focus. AQS, Skagen and Macduff are all working towards greener solutions both on this vessel and more widely with a drive to reduce climate emissions. Macduff Ship Design is currently working with several operators on hybrid solutions and is involved in several working groups investigating future zero-emission technology.

Sustainability, well-being and safety for the crew on board have been central to the development of the vessel, which is designed for round-the-clock operation.  The crew accommodation has galley, mess and lounge facilities with individual cabins for the 4 crew and includes a lounge area within the spacious wheelhouse.  The vessel will be equipped with a diesel-electric hybrid package developed by Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions with a large battery capacity of 1,156 kWh, allowing for extensive zero-emission operation.  There will be a hydraulic deck machinery package supplied by SHM solutions, including 2 Palfinger deck cranes, and a full suite of aquaculture service equipment.