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Owners contemplating refits or conversions to existing vessels can utilise the extensive experience that Macduff Ship Design Ltd has gained working on numerous projects. Macduff Ship Design has worked with all of the major classification societies producing the necessary documentation for design approval on a variety of conversion projects. The company can provide drawings, specifications, structural calculations and stability calculations for a wide range of projects such as:

Change of use of vessel

Macduff Ship Design has been involved in the re-engining of many vessels producing evaluations between different powering proposals, specifications for the work for quotation purposes and structural drawings.

Macduff Ship Design has produced specifications and technical drawings for both the evaluation of proposed conversions and full conversion packages, including: Project Management, Stability and Profiled Kits for a wide variety of conversions – for example trawler to yacht, or ferry to survey vessel.

Fitting of new deck machinery
Fitting of additional accommodation blocks for stand-by vessels

Macduff Ship Design has been involved in the fitting of new deck machinery to a wide variety of vessels. This work has mainly been applied to offshore and fishing vessels but has also been carried out on ferries, workboats and aids to navigation service vessels. The work ranges from the fitting of small items of deck machinery to whole new deck arrangements including new machinery and accommodation areas.

Macduff Ship Design has assisted with the fitting of additional accommodation blocks to offshore vessels both as survivor modules and as additional crew and passenger accommodation. These projects have involved the fitting of bought in accommodation modules to the vessel or the complete design of new accommodation areas, including structural and layout drawings.

New deck accommodation or wheelhouse
Retro-fitting of new ship structures

Macduff Ship Design has produced drawings for additional and new casing structures and wheelhouses to vessels which improve crew comfort and visibility from the wheelhouse and hence crew safety. This would normally involve a full drawing package of structural and layout drawings, specification and project management. It may also involve the production of profiled kits which help to reduce down time, as vessels can continue working until the new structures are fabricated and ready to be fitted.

Macduff Ship Design has completed design work for the fitting of new structures to vessels such as:

  • bulbous bows,
  • bilge keels,
  • skegs,
  • ballast keels and stability tanks to aid vessels performance,
  • sea keeping ability and stability.

We can obtain quotations from contractors on behalf of an owner, using a detailed specification and thereby ensuring that the work will be carried out to the owner’s full satisfaction with no ‘hidden’ extras. Upon contract signing we carry out full project management to ensure the job is completed to the owner’s requirements.