Designs: Fishing

Fishing vessels form the foundation on which the company was built, and as such we have a wealth of designs under our belt from which to choose. These range from 8m to 47.5m and we can cater for a single fishing method or tailor your vessel to suit a variety of fishing methods.

8.0m Potter 7.95m Fishing

Golden Shore 9.98m Fishing

Osprey III - BF 500 9.98m Fishing

Galwad-Y-Mor 14.95m Fishing

Emma Louise 16.42m Crabber, Fishing

Lery Charles 19.80m Fishing

King Challenger 21.30m Fishing, Scalloper

Nebeski 23.90m Fishing, Trawler

Adventurer II 23.95m Fishing

Glenugie 26.00m Fishing

34.00m Fishing Trawler 34.00m Fishing, Trawler

Avro Warrior 40.70m Fishing

47.50m Fishing Autoliner 47.50m Fishing