Designs: ASD Tug

Our ASD tug designs, ranging from 19m to 70m, are capable and sea worthy vessels designed with a variety of duties in mind. We are able to customise any design to fit your specific criteria.

Damla 6 and Damla 7 19.00m ASD Tug

TSM Albatre 19.00m ASD Tug

21.00m ASD Tug 21.00m ASD Tug

25m ASD Escort Tug 25.00m ASD Tug

Jeddah 45 25.00m ASD Tug

Jazan 4 30.00m ASD Tug

35.00m ASD General Purpose Tug 35.00m ASD Tug

40.00m ASD General Purpose Tug 40.00m ASD Tug

70.00m ASD AHTS Tug 70.00m ASD Tug