Designs: Conventional Tug

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a robust and efficient tug design to suit all needs – whether it is for specific duties, or a more versatile vessel to cover wider operations. Whatever your needs we are confident you can find a suitable design with which to start your enquiries and having worked extensively with yards in the UK and internationally we are poised to deliver a design that fits your exacting needs, no matter where you are located. Below is a selection of some of our existing and conceptual designs.


Maid Marion 12.96m Conventional Tug, River Tug

Ugie Runner 13.00m Conventional Tug, DOT Tug
13.00m harbour tug Fair Maid of Perth
Fair Maid of Perth 13.00m Conventional Tug, Harbour Tug, Tug-Workboat

Sally Mcloughlin 16.00m Conventional Tug, Harbour Tug, Tug-Workboat
17.00m Harbour Tug Photo
Marsden Bay 17.00m Conventional Tug, Harbour Tug

Ayten Cebi 23.00m Conventional Tug, DOT Tug

Concept Design 27.00m Conventional Tug, Offshore Tug, Tug-Workboat
38.00m Tug Profile
Concept Design 38.80m Conventional Tug, Offshore Tug

Concept Design 60.00m AHTS, Conventional Tug, Offshore Tug