Designs: Workboat

Macduff Ship Design has developed a large range of workboats capable of tackling a wide variety of duties. Concept designs ranging from 6m to 120m and our proven designs in the size bracket of 6m – 46m can be tailored to suit individual operations and requirements.

6.00m Workboat Al. 6.00m Workboat

Envirocat 8.00m Catamaran, Workboat

Lonabrak 12.44m Catamaran, Workboat

Lily Mae 14.00m Catamaran, Workboat

Julie Anne, Keira May Warness Lass & Emma 14.95m Landing Craft, Workboat

Sarnia 15.00m Catamaran, Workboat
23.00m Catamaran Workboat Profile
Concept Design 23.95m Dive Support, Miscellaneous, Workboat

Gina Mary 25.00m Workboat

Selkie 25.70m Workboat

Concept Design 36.00m Workboat

Jeddah 53 and Jazan 8 46.00m Workboat

120.00m Workboat Tanker 120.00m Workboat