Designs: Workboat

Macduff Ship Design has developed a large range of workboats capable of tackling a wide variety of duties. Concept designs ranging from 6m to 120m and our proven designs in the size bracket of 6m – 46m can be tailored to suit individual operations and requirements.

6.00m Workboat Al. 6.00m Workboat

Envirocat 8.00m Workboat

Lonabrak 12.44m Workboat

Lily Mae 14.00m Workboat

Julie Anne, Keira May & Warness Lass 14.95m Workboat

Sarnia 15.00m Workboat

23.00m Workboat Dive Catamaran 23.95m Workboat

Gina Mary 25.00m Workboat

Selkie 25.70m Workboat

36.00m Workboat Utility Vessel 36.00m Workboat

Jeddah 53 and Jazan 8 46.00m Workboat

120.00m Workboat Tanker 120.00m Workboat