Designs: Miscellaneous

Our capability as designers to provide a bespoke design is showcased in our range of more specialised vessels. From dive vessels through to trawler yachts, we can provide something unique to suit your specific needs.

55 ft Misc Trawler Yacht 16.75m Miscellaneous

19.80m Misc Feed Barge 19.80m Miscellaneous

Aora 22.00m Miscellaneous

23.00m Misc Dive Catamaran 23.95m Miscellaneous

25.00m Misc VIP Vessel 25.00m Miscellaneous

Alba Na Mara 27.00m Miscellaneous

Filla 35.50m Miscellaneous

40.00m Misc Research Vessel 40.00m Miscellaneous

85.00m Misc Dive Vessel 85.00m Miscellaneous