Designs: Tug-Workboat

A hybrid vessel capable of tackling duties common to both tugs and workboats. Browse our designs below in the 9m to 30m range.

Sea Helper 8.85m Pilot - Patrol - Crew vessels, Tug-Workboat

T.Palamar 1 10.10m Tug-Workboat
13.00m harbour tug Fair Maid of Perth
13.00m Fair Maid of Perth 13.00m Conventional Tug, Tug-Workboat

Sea Herald 14.00m Multi Mac, Tug-Workboat

G.S.2 15.00m Tug-Workboat

Sally Mcloughlin 16.00m Conventional Tug, Tug-Workboat

Acamar 16.00m Tug-Workboat

27.00m Conventional Tug / Tug Workboat 27.00m Conventional Tug, Tug-Workboat

30.00m Tug Workboat 30.00m Tug-Workboat