Designs: ASD Tug

Our ASD tug designs, ranging from 19m to 70m, are capable and seaworthy vessels designed with a variety of duties in mind. Having worked extensively with yards in the UK and internationally we are poised to deliver a design that fits your exacting needs, no matter where you are located. Below is a selection of some of our existing and conceptual designs.

Damla 6 and Damla 7 19.00m ASD Tug, Harbour Tug

TSM Albatre 19.00m ASD Tug, Harbour Tug

Concept Design 21.25m ASD Tug, Harbour Tug
25.00m ASD Escort Tug Profile
Concept Design 25.00m ASD Tug, Escort Tug

Jeddah 45 25.00m ASD Tug, Harbour Tug

Jazan 4 30.00m ASD Tug, Harbour Tug

Concept Design 35.00m ASD Tug, Offshore Tug
40.00m ASD Tug Profile
Concept Design 40.00m ASD Tug, Offshore Tug

Concept Design 70.00m ASD Tug, Offshore Tug